ABET in Tbilisi State University
Associated Professor Ramaz Khomeriki

  When I was elected to be a Dean the ABET accreditation quickly became a priority for me as it is one of the most effective ways to strive for excellence in teaching and assisting students in relevant fields for their career or academic development. ABET accreditation process started in 2013 and it is a great opportunity for the relevant programs, the faculty and the University in general to advance its positions in World University Rankings by improving standards of teaching and learning infrastructure for students. There are two programs going through the ABET accreditation process. These programs are

Dean of the Natural and Exact Science Faculty, TSU

“Computer Science” and “Electrical and Electronics Engineering”. Both departments are working hard to make sure the curriculum as well as other ABET requirements are met the internationally recognized standards.  By receiving ABET accreditation, students of the abovementioned programs will have greater chances of applying to the next step of their education or starting/advancing their career in the student and an academic personal of the Tbilisi State University as well as other universities have a chance to closely follow the ABET accreditation process.The different sections of the website show the progress made and the contact information of the persons actively involved in the accreditation.

 I hope this website will bring more transparency for every stakeholder in this process. I am honored that I have a chance to be personally involved in this opportunity taking into account the importance of the engineering and technology of our century for a developing country like Georgia.