ABET in Tbilisi State University

Ken Walsh the founding Dean of  SDSU Georgia gave a presentation to the Committee Members about the resource allocation in SDSU. Resource allocation in SDSU assures equitable distribution of resources by the units that are calculated taking into account the number of students and hours of teaching. This allows maintaining broad education for students by letting departments give courses to students with different majors. The resources are allocated differently in TSU. While discussing this issue it became evident that existing resources for two departments are not enough to run ABET accredited programs. Mr. Walsh promised to raise this issue to the Rector of the University.

Nino Chubinidze, a Director of Academic Relations in SDSU gave a short presentation about the grading system in SDSU. She made clear that students with GPA lower than 2.0 will not be able to graduate from ABET accredited programs. It was clear that Georgian laws on education, as well as bylaws of the university, have to be adopted.

Dr. Hashemipour explained to Committee Members why the Second Track has launched for Georgian Programmes. It is crucially important that the programs that exist do not change substantially. Otherwise, they will be considered to be different programs and have to start from the First Track since there will be no graduates of the new programs.

Few details were also explained about the curriculum. EEE has finalized its curriculum and CS has minor changes to make. In addition, Preliminary Self-study report has to include all the reasons why the curriculum has changed the way it has.